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VGS: Spiderman 2001

Hello Enthusiacs I am Goose your host and today were taking a step back to 2001 as we look back at the first cinematic outing of Spiderman. Spiderman was one of the first major superhero films to be release after the so called Hero movie crash. Many have said it is the reason we saw a resurgence of superhero films in the early 2000’s.

Now with that out of the way let’s start in the style of my good friend Judge Greg with the cast.

Toby Maguire has gotten a lot of flak over his performance as Spiderman and to be honest I’m not exactly sure why. I know the “emo” Peter of Spiderman 3 rubbed some fans the wrong way but to use that to toss out an entire performance to me makes no sense. Toby did a damn good job as Peter Parker especially in this movie. He pulled off the awkward teen while also felt like a legit hero when it mattered. You believed he was not only learning how to master his power but trying to work through the guilt of Uncle Ben’s death.
He brought a heart to the role of Spiderman that in my own opinion the other two did not. I may be in the minority with that opinion but I do believe it Andrew felt like the exact opposite of Toby in many respects, and that was a double edge sword because sure you lose somethings people complain about however you also lose the nuisance and real world feel that Toby brought to the character. Now it is yet to be seen how young Holland will play the character so he may prove to be better but for now overall in this outing Toby knocked it out of the park. He was for lack of a better word Spiderman.

Now Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane was another role many fans complained about however I feel putting this blame on the actress is a bad move as it’s not the actresses fault that the character is given nothing to do but scream help me.
We know Dunst can act and act well, so you really have to blame the writing as to why Mary Jane was given almost nothing to do other than being the damsel Spiderman has to save. That said She is given a few well done scenes that show us what could have been with a better writer. Not to play devil’s advocate yes this was a terrible performance with few exceptions.

Willem Dafoe plays Norman Osbourne AKA The Green Goblin and he is truly the ham in this movie sandwich. He is not only very entertaining but comes off as the perfect amount of fun and nuts to be a classic movie villain. In fact director Raimi stated this was a love letter to classic hero shows like for example the Adam West Batman series and looking at that way it not only works it was a grand slam.

I think the problem is that people look at these movies comparing them to the more serious superheor movies of today and yes by that it isn’t as serious but it’s not supposed to be. This is the classic superhero movie retold. It’s fun it’s corny and it’s a great time for the whole family and if you’ve only seen the more modern Spiderman movies Id advise you give it a watch.
Until next time I am Goose your host and thank you for reading

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