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The Attic: ‘Bigfoot’ Game Review

Note: This review is for a game that is currently in early access on Steam. My review is based on what I had played at the time of writing, and there are no guarantees my opinion of the game will remain the same.

Welcome to The Attic, let’s find Bigfoot.

Bigfoot has always been something of a fascination of mine. The very idea that this giant creature could be lurking deep within thick forests of the most populated countries, living for decades without being proven, is mind boggling. Do I believe it/they exist? While I’m not saying that, I’ve watched enough X-Files to say this: I Want To Believe. It would be truly stunning to discover undeniable proof of its existence, and if we did, what else would that mean? Think of everything else that this knowledge could impact. It’s crazy to think about.

bigfoot steam

When you add this fascination of mine to the fact that I LOVE horror, it’s a recipe for so much potential. And yet, it remains a largely untapped source in the horror movie genre. There was a surprisingly good movie (Exists) that I reviewed a while back, but other than that, the landscape has been scarce. It remains even less explored in the video game industry, so when my husband pointed me to an early access game simply titled Bigfoot, I almost fell out of my seat in a mad reach for my laptop.

Bigfoot has a simple premise: You are a researcher, out on a mission to find four tourists that have gone missing. The game opens and I am near a parked trailer with a tent set up over a table of flare guns and tracking bullets (more on those in a bit). Inside my trailer I find two shotguns, ammunition, first aid kits, traps, and night vision goggles.

bigfoot steam

It was cloudy and raining on my first day. It looked like a typical forest, but I knew something big (no pun intended) was out there. Sticking close to my trailer, I set a few traps (along with some meat from the fridge, and leaves to disguise the traps) but mostly I stood in my trailer with the windows and doors shut. My heart was already starting to beat faster, and I knew it was only going to get worse. Yes, sometimes, even the Dark Princess totally chickens out and hides in horror games.

As the sun began to set I heard it for the first time. A chilling howl in the distance. I had goosebumps running down my arms, and my mind was going crazy. Was it going to burst into my trailer without warning? Would I hear it coming closer? Am I safe in here?

bigfoot steam

I want to believe…

I had made a point to avoid too many reviews, and any YouTube Let’s Plays in order to get the freshest experience possible. Nothing is worse than spoiling a horror game for yourself. As my mind raced I paced around the trailer for what felt like ages. It was so dark outside, and my mind kept playing tricks on me. Was that it? Nope, just a tree. What just moved? Just a deer.

After what felt like hours, the sun began to peek through the trees outside, and the rays felt heavenly to look at. I had no idea if I was any safer during the day, but there is a great comfort in at least being able to see what’s around you. There are night vision goggles and batteries around, but those are limited, so you must use them wisely. Your flashlight is gloriously not reliant on batteries though, so keep that sucker on as much as you’d like.

bigfoot steam

Will you find the lost tourists?

My second day was largely spent laying down additional traps and keeping a paranoid eye over my shoulder. I still hadn’t seen it, but that distant howl still echoed in my mind. Making a mental note to never go camping, ever, as I rushed back to my trailer, all out of meat and traps. Again, I hid in the corner of my trailer as I watched the sun dip farther down. Like it or not, night was coming yet again, and I switched over to my gun as I readied myself for the worst.

This night was far more intense than the first. That distant howl had scared me, but what I heard now terrified me. It was a deeper, guttural, snarl, and I knew it was right by me. As it shot up outside the window I was facing, I completely lost my mind and shot wildly. I didn’t even hit it. As it ran off I sat back to message my friends and let them know that I was freaking out. How was I ever going to beat this thing? I managed to snap a screenshot of this very moment, and it perfectly illustrates my panic.

bigfoot steam

This is what panic looks like

I’ll leave my storytelling there, as I don’t want to spoil anything I did or found in the game further. Bigfoot is an experience that you don’t want spoiled for you. I have beat the game, twice now in fact, and I had a blast doing so.

Unfortunately, the game is not without some weak points. I basically discovered a trick to beating it without ever taking damage. While it is somewhat tedious, and possibly boring to some, it worked for me. This didn’t ruin the fun for me though, as my heart still races whenever I see him coming my way again. The first time I beat Bigfoot, it took me about five hours. The second was closer to two.

bigfoot steam

At this point I would happily play it again in its current state, but probably only with friends to shake up the experience. You can play this game with up to two other players, but I have yet to try any multiplayer. At least to start, I wanted to go in solo for the creepiest experience possible.

Another issue for me is pretty minor: Bigfoot’s appearance. Now, remember this is still in early access, and I hear our furry friend will be getting an overhaul in a future update, so this might very well change. Once you see him up close a few times, you realize that it looks a bit silly. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to wet myself every time it’s near me, but that definitely takes some of the edge off. Appearance isn’t everything in a game, and they manage to terrify you anyway, but it is the star of the show and deserves to look more menacing.

bigfoot steam

Utilize cameras to watch your surroundings

Formerly known as Finding Bigfoot, this game has even been featured by Markiplier on his channel. If you prefer to watch horror games before buying them, it’s a great way to see it in action.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere in Bigfoot. The lightning and thunder scare the crap out of you sometimes, and its lack of any music is genius. Whatever their reasons were for this, I don’t care, because it works wonderfully to build the tension even further. It’s far more immersive to sit quietly and listen to the birds chirping and rain hitting the windows than it would be listening to an overly done score, which is something that so many games have. Their little nod to the X-Files was a touch I really appreciated.

Should you buy Bigfoot? Absolutely. While it’s not perfect, I still highly recommend it.

Stay scared,
Dark Princess

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