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BTL Radio Podcast: Managing Personality as a Product, and JonTron


Hello Everyone. Recently some Youtube drama came alongside video games when game youtuber JonTron had a politcally charged debate with fellow youtuber Destiny. This week on BTL Radio, we aren’t discussing the politics at play here, but rather how to manage your product when your product is your personality. This is a pretty common thing on youtube these days. When you watch, you’re not showing channel loyalty, but rather an interest in the personality of the youtuber. When it comes to games, there are more and more personalities coming to the fore these days. Did you ever get interested in the things Peter Molyneux said? Then there’s Keiji Inafune and his reputation after Mighty No. 9 and Sean Murray of No Man’s Sky. Would you invest in work from these people in the future? Or, on the more positive side of things there’s Tim Schafer, Miyamoto, or Cliff Bleszinski. These are names that are front and center when they are developing a game, and it only gets more prominent the smaller the developer is. In this day of indies, it’s more likely for a consumer to follow the personality instead of the product, which makes the personality a product in and of itself.

Baron Fang joins to discuss.

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