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BTL Radio Podcast: Tekken 7 and Headline News


Hello Enthusiacs! Tekken 7 is out and being a big fan, we start off the show discussing that. However there’s also been a lot of news coming out over the past few weeks.  Looks like I picked a hell of a time to miss a week. From the Switch game service developments, to Steam Direct news, and more crammed into this hour. And thats after we cut half of what we had planned to talk about.

And, if anyone wants to play Tekken on PSN, hit me up. My ID is Kynetyk. Hopefully a direct match will get around the match making issues.


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Behind the Line Radio is a podcast companion to the Behind the Line article series by Kynetyk, a a veteran of the games industry. We discuss news and aspects of the video games industry from an inside the industry perspective for audiences outside of the industry. If there is a topic you would like to hear us discuss, please write in to

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