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Category Archives: Point Streak

Point Streak Podcast – Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy

Point Streak goes super topical this week and discusses the Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch and its attendant controversies.  IS EA up to pay-to-win loot box money-grubbing chicanery or is this just an overreaction on the part of gamers?  How

Point Streak Podcast – Wrestling Games

Do pro-wrestling themed games represent their own genre? We here at Point Streak say yes, and have happily devoted this entire episode to the subject.  From the humble days of NES to the feature-rich (if increasingly less innovative) WWE 2K series

Point Streak Podcast – Personal Top 5 Games All-Time

Despite the fact the Internet is already drowning in lists, Point Streak dives in this week with lists of our own – our personal top 5 games of all-time.  PC, console, handhelds, old-school, modern, no restrictions, no judgments (well, almost).  What games

Point Streak Podcast – Half-Life

Point Streak goes topical, again.  Recent events have compelled discussion on the subject of Half-Life: both the series itself and the unfortunate, endless purgatory it now dwells in.  Arguably one of the most influential first-person-shooters of all time, Half-Life, its

Point Streak Podcast – Sex in Gaming

Point Streak can avoid the topic of Sex no longer.  Gamers are almost nonchalant about violence, but sexual content can still predictably raise eyebrows and stoke up controversy.  Whether included purely for titillation or to achieve some arbitrary level of maturity,

Point Streak Podcast – X-COM

Strategy games have been covered on Point Streak before – today we put the spotlight on one excellent representative of the genre, X-COM.  Sticking primarily with the best received games in the franchise, we discuss all matters related to kicking alien-invader

Point Streak Podcast – Super Hero Games

There’s room enough on for plenty of talk about heroes.  Case in point as Point Streak devotes an episode to games based on super hero franchises.  Whether straight from the comics or from the silver screen, these games always have plenty

Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Pet Peeves

While Point Streak certainly is pro-gaming, even the Enthusiacs can sometimes be given to bouts of negativity.  Best to get it out of our system in an entire episode devoted to Gaming Pet Peeves.  From dodgy controls to bad checkpoints to

Point Streak Podcast: Mass Effect Andromeda

Point Streak could not resist the pull of a new Mass Effect release – better late than never!  In this episode the subject is ME: Andromeda…how did it turn out?  Beyond all the bugs, the memes and the controversies, is there

Point Streak Podcast: Character Customization

This edition of Point Streak talks about the presence of Character Customization in modern gaming.  Not isolated to just fashion, gender and racial choices, some games allow the player to completely design the nature of its hero from the ground up.  What is the appeal