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Hero Talk Podcast – Young Justice Season 1

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of the Hero Talk podcast, Judge Greg and the Black Dragon go into the DC Comics Cartoon Network animated series: Young Justice.

Warning: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. Nothing is off the table and everything is fair game. You’ve been warned.

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Hero Talk is a podcast in which we discuss some of our favorite and least favorite movies and TV shows. Judge Greg hosts every other week as he and his panel have a free-form discussion on a given topic. This is a spoiler podcast, so be forewarned. For any and all feedback, please email us at!

If you want to discuss this topic with us further, visit our forum thread on it! Any and all opinions are welcome!

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One Response to Hero Talk Podcast – Young Justice Season 1

  1. Kynetyk says:

    First of all, you to are not unique in liking Young Justice so much.

    Second, I am surprised you talked about Rene Auberjonois without mentioning that he played the Scarecrow in Batman the Animated Series.

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