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Killer7 – Kynetyk and VegaGoose play, and try to figure out

Hello Enthusiacs.

Killer7 is a game that has been a splinter in my mind for many years. A plot that is too well structured to be random, but too bizarre to follow with ease. If Spec Ops: The Line is the video game equivalent of Apocalypse Now, Killer7 is the video game equivalent of The Naked Lunch.

Killer7 was brought to us by Suda 51, the man also responsible for No More Heroes, Let It Die, Lollipop Chainsaw, Killer is Dead, Shadows of the Damned, The Silver Case, Sine Mora, and Flower Sun and Rain. Please join us as we dive into perhaps the most adult and intriguing game among that list, the uniquely stylish game that made the western world sit up and say “what was that!?”



You can also check out the recap and analysis portion on the Behind the Line Radio podcast:

Download this episode (right click and save)

Special thanks to the Monster Closet for their MGS 2 recap series, giving me the inspiration needed to figure out a way to tie this stuff together. Check them out here:

Twitter: @MonsterClosetpc

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