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The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Hero Bytes 3

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to Hero Bytes, episode 3, brought to you by the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Vernon and Greg go over the major news and events from San Diego Comicon and D23!   Download this

BTL Radio Podcast – EP 039: Analytics part 2

Hello Enthusiacs. This week we return to the topic of Analytics. Last time in episode 37 we discussed a lot of terms and definitions, technical considerations and so forth. This week we dig more into the effect that this can

Vega Goose Reviews Bound (2015)

Bound (2015) Let’s talk about the Asylum film group. Since 1997 the Asylum has been making what they called mockumentaries. Taking famous films and television shows and making their own versions.  The odds are that you’ve seen one and not

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Movie Review by Dark Princess

kong skull island

When I was a kid, science fiction was a common genre choice for family movies nights. From Them to Godzilla, and Mysterious Island to It Came From Beneath The Sea, these films left a real impact on me. It’s no

Behind the Line: Pokemon Go Festival Troubles


A Pokemon Go Festival, eh? Looks like Gaming has its own version of the Fyre festival, but NOWHERE NEAR that bad. Fair or not, this is a neat little microcosm of what Pokemon Go is in general. The Event Pokemon Go

The Attic: Dead By Daylight vs. Friday The 13th

friday 13th vs dead by daylight

Welcome to The Attic! Let’s have a horror smack-down! I’ve spent a couple of weeks playing both Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, and my opinion on which is better may surprise you. While they look very similar from

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – The Last Unicorn

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast!  On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Kynetyk and Sixty as they discuss the 1980’s animated cult classic: The Last Unicorn.   Download this episode (right click and save)

BTL Radio Podcast – EP 038: Bad Games vs Bad Movies

What makes a bad movie something you can enjoy? Why doesn’t this apply to bad games? What’s different about the two, and why does it change how we can enjoy them? Kynetyk, Judge Greg, and Bill discuss this in a

Point Streak Podcast – Super Hero Games

There’s room enough on for plenty of talk about heroes.  Case in point as Point Streak devotes an episode to games based on super hero franchises.  Whether straight from the comics or from the silver screen, these games always have plenty

Behind the Line: Nintendo’s Investors Call, Mobile, and Switch Library


It’s that time again. The 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. There’s a lot of plain stuff that doesn’t concern most people, even in the industry (e.g. Will shareholders get a special treat when the universal studios park opens? C’mon,