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Point Streak Podcast: 2017 Gaming Preview

In 2017 we predict gamers will play games.

What a better way to end 2016 with a Point Streak about…2017 – specifically, games slated for release that year.  This year is almost in the can, what gaming goodies can we expect (realistically) in the next trip around the sun?  Are we hopeful, or skeptical?  What has us the most excited?  Join Jeff, Jennifer and Vernon as they talk 2017 gaming releases herein:

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The link to stream or download the MP3 format is: 2017GamingPreview

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Point Streak is a podcast where we discuss varying topics involving the gaming industry. Jeff (Baron Fang) selects a team to handle some topics that either are avoided by others or aren’t popular enough to be discussed by mainstream video game news. It is, indeed, a podcast based on opinions and should be taken as such.

If there is a topic you wish to hear discussed or an opinion you’d like to submit, please email us at Download Point Streak and other podcasts here.

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