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BTL Radio Podcast: Apocalypse Now and GDC Survey

Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have a pair of guests, and a pair of topics, making this behind the line squared! If that joke wasn’t too lame for you, there’s another lame one in the show that you can’t miss.

Behind the Line: 4 Video Game Failures That Were Actually Ahead of their Time


Sometimes an idea comes in so far ahead of its time that the market, or the technology simply isn’t ready to support it. That doesn’t mean that the idea is a bad one, though. Today I want to take a

BTL Radio Podcast: Pokemon Go, origin and trajectory.

Pokemon Go has been taking the world by storm!  Seemingly coming from nowhere, it’s now bringing people together in new and unexpected ways.  But it didn’t actually come from nowhere.  Today, we welcome Alex to the show.  A long time