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Dragon Age Retrospective: Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Eight years ago, Dragon Age Origins was released; with it I was reintroduced to the traditional Bioware RPG.  Mind you, that standard has changed a bit in the years, but back then it was a pedigree nearly

The Attic: The Thing (1982)

Hello, Enthusiacs! I am your Lord of Shadow, and today we are taking a look at a film for a good friend on his birthday. In 1982 John Carpenter basically made one of the first remakes in Hollywood history with

Point Streak Podcast: Horror Genre Games

Point Streak is at hand, listeners.  Once again we devote an entire show to a particular genre of games.  This time the theme is Horror.  From questionable movie tie-ins to once best selling franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, this

The Attic: Pumpkinhead

Welcome to The Attic, no I am not your normal host, the Dark Princess shall return soon. However for this weeks installment I your guest host will take you on a tour of a classic horror film not many people