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Injustice 2 Vega Goose Review

After the first Injustice many of us wondered what NetherRealm would do for a sequel. Well now we know and today were taking a closer look at Injustice 2. Story After the events of the first Injustice in which Superman

Point Streak Podcast – Super Hero Games

There’s room enough on for plenty of talk about heroes.  Case in point as Point Streak devotes an episode to games based on super hero franchises.  Whether straight from the comics or from the silver screen, these games always have plenty

‘Daredevil’ Netflix Season 1 Review

I am by no means a hardcore fan of comic books.  I sampled single issues here or there as a kid, and borrowed far more than I ever purchased.  Comics didn’t put me off specifically, but I’d never really caught

Enthusiask: Dirty Minds, Clean Advice

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to witness copious amounts of elbow grease dear readers, another Enthusiask column is here to sanitize, sterilize and criticize you into shape.  Look on me as an advice icon: as morally and mentally muscular

Comic Sense – Arrow and The Flash Deserve Better

Arrow has been airing on The CW since 2012 and has become pretty successful over the course of three seasons.  The Flash began last year as an Arrow spin-off and although I felt like it stumbled out of the gate,

Top ten comic book characters

On a special edition of Vega Goose Says we countdown the top ten comic book characters of all time as voted by you the viewer. I hope you all enjoy this list. Thank you for watching.

Enthusiask: Best Advice of 2014

A belated Happy New Year to devotees of Enthusiask.  I am your well-rested host, Oliver Fiasco, an advice dynamo brimming with crackling energy.  Think of me as a wisdom defibrillator, waiting to unleash my electric potential to the sinoatrial node