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Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Pet Peeves

While Point Streak certainly is pro-gaming, even the Enthusiacs can sometimes be given to bouts of negativity.  Best to get it out of our system in an entire episode devoted to Gaming Pet Peeves.  From dodgy controls to bad checkpoints to

The PS4 Needs Backwards Compatibility

Before we get started, let me be clear that I like my Playstation 4.  The controller is a marked improvement over the previous three iterations of the Dualshock design, it’s compact and quiet compared to the Xbox One, and while

Point Streak Podcast: Cross-Platform Play

Point Streak starts 2017 with a bang as we delve into the subject of Cross-Platform Play.  The technical barriers are being broken down gradually, but what other attitudes, fears and corporate dithering blocks the way yet?  Do some games and

Point Streak Podcast: 2017 Gaming Preview

What a better way to end 2016 with a Point Streak about…2017 – specifically, games slated for release that year.  This year is almost in the can, what gaming goodies can we expect (realistically) in the next trip around the

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reactions

Point Streak this week turns to a trending topic, the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch – soon to be released to market in Q1 2017.  Following up on our NX discussion earlier this year, we talk about what has been

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo NX Leaks

Point Streak is back and we can’t avoid the rumour mill forever – particularly not when news of the Nintendo NX has been leaked.  Solid, but yet to be confirmed information about the format of this new console has been

Point Streak Podcast: Digital vs. Physical

Welcome to Point Streak, where a new topic awaits within.  This time, Digital vs. Physical is the preoccupation – over the last five years the shift to digital distribution on PC and consoles has been huge.  Once crammed shelves and entertainment units have given way to

Point Streak Podcast: Stacks of Shame

Point Streak is back with an episode dedicated to a shameful topic: Stacks of Shame.  As buying games becomes ever more convenient, with each click of the button our personal backlog of titles grows.  How does it happen?  How to

Point Streak Podcast: Future Console Plans

Point Streak casts an eye on the horizon, and Future Console Plans in this episode.  Microsoft is hinting at an end to console generations & a universal OS, Sony about VR and Nintendo’s mysterious NX will be here sooner than

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo’s Future

Welcome listeners to another Point Streak.  This episode is devoted to discussion and speculation on the direction Nintendo will head next.  What is the NX?  Is the WiiU headed for an early grave?  And what of all the mobile development talk?  Jeff, Nick and Vernon