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The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Super Mario Bros. (film)

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by special guest Mike, from the Video Game Generations podcast, as they take on the legendary Super Mario Bros. film!  Enjoy (if you

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reveal

Point Streak on a fresh topic, the very recent Nintendo Switch reveal!  New details like a March 3rd, 2017 launch date have been confirmed, Legend of Zelda and Mario are both on the horizon.  But questions like online play, hardware specs and the digital/portable

BTL Radio Podcast: Super Mario Run

Hello, Enthusiacs! 2016 is in the books, and in the turn of the new year, the impossible has happened, something we never thought we’d see, Mario has come to mobile! Yes, Super Mario Run is out, with a marketing push

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reactions

Point Streak this week turns to a trending topic, the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch – soon to be released to market in Q1 2017.  Following up on our NX discussion earlier this year, we talk about what has been

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo NX Leaks

Point Streak is back and we can’t avoid the rumour mill forever – particularly not when news of the Nintendo NX has been leaked.  Solid, but yet to be confirmed information about the format of this new console has been

Top Ten Games of 2015

Hello Enthusiacs and welcome to 2016. I am Vega Goose your host and today we are taking a look back at the top ten video games of 2015. Now before we begin let me say this list is subjective these

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo’s Future

Welcome listeners to another Point Streak.  This episode is devoted to discussion and speculation on the direction Nintendo will head next.  What is the NX?  Is the WiiU headed for an early grave?  And what of all the mobile development talk?  Jeff, Nick and Vernon

Assassin’s Creed II Playthrough

Unity isn’t the only epic historical action assassin tale Axalon is slugging through. He’s also begun the tale of Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Assassin’s Creed II!  Considered one of the best games in the franchise, watch the story of

Nostalgia Fever: Paper Mario

If there’s anything about Nintendo, they know how to make games, no matter their genre. There’s Zelda for puzzling adventures, Pokemon for collecting and roleplaying, Star Fox for space shooting, and Mario for just about everything. Mario games are addicting

Super Smash Brothers 3ds Review

Nintendo’s fighting franchise goes portable. Is it a huge success or a terrible failure? Find out today as we look at Super Smash Brothers 3ds