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Dragon Age Retrospective: Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Eight years ago, Dragon Age Origins was released; with it I was reintroduced to the traditional Bioware RPG.  Mind you, that standard has changed a bit in the years, but back then it was a pedigree nearly

Point Streak Podcast – Sex in Gaming

Point Streak can avoid the topic of Sex no longer.  Gamers are almost nonchalant about violence, but sexual content can still predictably raise eyebrows and stoke up controversy.  Whether included purely for titillation or to achieve some arbitrary level of maturity,

Vega Goose Says: 50 Shades of Grey

Well this was inevitable wasn’t it. The bad movie reviews continue after a bit of a break. This movie has been called the worst movie ever made. Those people are lying. I’ll not spoil anything else so you will just

Point Streak Podcast: Diversity

Welcome again to another episode of the Point Streak podcast.  This time the topic is Diversity in games, which we should note has been covered recently here at Enthusiacs in articles by our own Greg and Wastey.  From the choices