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Behind the Line: VR Roundup 2016


2016, the year the public finally started to experience VR en masse.   VR, the great experiment, saddled with great expectations This year, we greeted VR with enthusiasm and joy. One of the promises of the future was finally coming

BTL Radio Podcast: Apocalypse Now and GDC Survey

Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have a pair of guests, and a pair of topics, making this behind the line squared! If that joke wasn’t too lame for you, there’s another lame one in the show that you can’t miss.

Behind the Line: 4 Video Game Failures That Were Actually Ahead of their Time


Sometimes an idea comes in so far ahead of its time that the market, or the technology simply isn’t ready to support it. That doesn’t mean that the idea is a bad one, though. Today I want to take a

BTL Radio Podcast: Third Party QA

Hello, Enthusiacs! Our guest this week is Stephen, who works at a third party QA agency. These are the people who assist developers, and even publishers, specifically with testing. If you can imagine outsourcing for QA, it’s a bit like

Behind the Line: What’s Alex St. John been up to?


I’ve talked about Alex St. John repeatedly already, but I’m someone who likes to follow up on things. I took a look at his blog to see what’s been posted recently.  What I found has re-affirmed my opinion of the

BTL Radio Podcast: VR Discussion and News

Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have Marco back to discuss a few smaller news stories, and to discuss the possibilities for VR in the future. From managing communities and marketing, to the evolution of the nature of the industry over

Behind the Line: VR is here


The Playstation VR has been released.  With it the VR world has opened up to the console gamer.  It also means I finally had a chance to spend some time in one of these without having to wait in a

The Attic: Monstrum Review

Welcome to The Attic, I’m on a boat… Yeah, I can’t finish that. If you follow me on twitter, then you recently saw me lose my mind when I finally escaped in the terrifying and unforgiving horror game, Monstrum. This

Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Grab Bag

Point Streak, episode 50 has arrived – thank you to our listeners for sticking with us!  As no single gaming topic seemed to deserve the honour of sole possession of this golden podcasting anniversary, we decided to do a range of current subjects. 

The Attic: Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour Demo

Welcome to The Attic, we’ll have diapers available for anybody who needs one. Hello, friends, it’s the Dark Princess again, and I am thrilled beyond belief right now. If you watched Sony’s E3 conference, or live anywhere on planet Earth,