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Behind the Line: Depression, and “The Mold”


Depression is a very serious topic, and not one that should be dismissed, and yet some do. Before diving in, I should point out that not long ago I wrote about the hubbub at Google: Behind the Line: Google, and

The Attic: ‘Quadrant’ Game Review


Welcome to The Attic, don’t touch those rocks. One of my favorite little indie horror games that I have played recently is Quadrant. I stumbled upon it one day on Steam, and while I thought it looked like something I

The Attic: ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Film Review

Annabelle: Creation

Welcome to The Attic! Don’t unlock that door… I went into Annabelle: Creation with high hopes and low expectations. I’m a huge fan of the Conjuring franchise, and that’s no secret. Each film has created new and terrifying characters to

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Review

Despite enjoying the first season of Star Wars Rebels far more than I expected to, nearly six months passed before I got around to watching the second.  This was not out of any particular hesitance, just life, work and gaming

Behind the Line: Video Games in the Olympics


The IOC has weighed in on the idea of E-Sports being included in the Olympics… Let me tell you why I don’t care.   “Non Violent” The chairman, Thomas Bach, is not interested in promoting violent games, stating that they

The Attic: I saw an exclusive preview of a scene from ‘It’

IT remake trailer

Welcome to The Attic, on the SS Georgie. Last weekend, my husband and I saw Annabelle: Creation in theaters (stay tuned for that review soon!) Much to our surprise, before the movie started we were treated to a special sneak

Adventure Game Roundup #2

Once again, dear readers, I have plumbed the depths of Steam’s wide selection of adventure games in search of excellence.  I’ve recently completed another three titles and can offer up my impressions below.  As always, all three are reasonably priced

Behind the Line: Google, and “The Mold”


Wow, this has been a crazy story, and really it keeps getting crazier. For those who haven’t been following the Google drama, here’s a quick rundown. For those familiar, you can skip to the next page.   The Rundown Recently

Adventure Game Roundup

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the size of my Steam “Stack of Shame”, I’ve been on somewhat of an adventure game binge as of late. This is a genre that I’ve previously cited as central to my early

Injustice 2 Vega Goose Review

After the first Injustice many of us wondered what NetherRealm would do for a sequel. Well now we know and today were taking a closer look at Injustice 2. Story After the events of the first Injustice in which Superman