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Berserk – 2016 anime review

by Kynetyk

Berserk… It’s a long running series, the manga appears to be entering the end game, the first season of its 2016 series just ended, there is a new PS4 game coming out soon! So, now seems like a good time

The Force Awakens: Star Wars for Millennials

by Baron Fang

Given the love and far-ranging fandom for Star Wars around the world, it is hardly surprising that The Force Awakens performed well in theatres; by any measure it is one of the highest grossing films of all time. That this

Hero Talk Podcast – Batman: The Movie (1966)

by Judge Greg
Hero Talk735x479

Holy Hero Talk, Enthusiacs! On this episode, Judge Greg and Axalon switch atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, and roll out to 1966’s Batman: The Movie! Reminder: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. Nothing is off the table and

The Attic at the Drive-In: “Don’t Breathe”

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, don’t make a sound! *MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS BELOW* Well kids, I have recently seen Don’t Breathe, and I’d like to review that for you kind people in this hybrid sort of article. But before I get

Dawn of War 1 Campaign Playthrough!

by Axalon
Dawn of War

We take a trip to the first Dawn of War game, set in war torn future of the 41st Millennium, where the blood is for the blood god and the milk is for the Khorne Flakes. The planet is Tartarus,

Cities: Skylines Review

by Dark Princess

Hey Enthusiacs, One game that I have adored for a while now is Cities: Skylines, and I thought it was about time that I review it for our site. There are numerous great things about this game, and all of

BTL Radio Podcast: Working on Doomed Projects

by Kynetyk

Hello Enthusiacs.  We’ve all heard about projects getting stuck in development hell, and sometimes we spare a thought for the people working on those projects, like the poor souls who were stuck working on Duke Nukem Forever for 10 years… 

The Attic: Left Alone Review

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, will you save your friends? Left Alone is the latest horror Steam discovery I have made, and I am so glad I gave it a shot. Made by indie developer Volumetric Games, with a team of

At The Movies: ‘Mean Girls’ Day

by Baron Fang

Longtime followers of the Enthusiacs podcast institution that is Hero Talk will know that host Judge Greg is fond of pointing out that “everyone” listens to Hero Talk.  Skeptics may doubt if available metrics can back up such a bold statement. 

Hero Talk Podcast – The 13th Warrior

by Judge Greg
Hero Talk735x479

Hey There, Enthusiacs. On this episode of Hero Talk, Kynetyk and Judge Greg take on a person a favorite in the form of the Antonio Banderas historical fiction action film: The 13th Warrior! Reminder: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast.