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The Real Hero Talk Podcast – The Last Unicorn

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast!  On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Kynetyk and Sixty as they discuss the 1980’s animated cult classic: The Last Unicorn.   Download this episode (right click and save)

BTL Radio Podcast – EP 038: Bad Games vs Bad Movies

What makes a bad movie something you can enjoy? Why doesn’t this apply to bad games? What’s different about the two, and why does it change how we can enjoy them? Kynetyk, Judge Greg, and Bill discuss this in a

Point Streak Podcast – Super Hero Games

There’s room enough on for plenty of talk about heroes.  Case in point as Point Streak devotes an episode to games based on super hero franchises.  Whether straight from the comics or from the silver screen, these games always have plenty

Behind the Line: Nintendo’s Investors Call, Mobile, and Switch Library


It’s that time again. The 77th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. There’s a lot of plain stuff that doesn’t concern most people, even in the industry (e.g. Will shareholders get a special treat when the universal studios park opens? C’mon,

The Attic: ‘Bigfoot’ Game Review

bigfoot steam

Note: This review is for a game that is currently in early access on Steam. My review is based on what I had played at the time of writing, and there are no guarantees my opinion of the game will

BTL Radio Podcast: Analytics

Hello Enthusiacs! After way too long talking about it, we’ve finally got a guest on to talk about analytics. John (not the same one as an earlier episode) was kind enough to join in and talk about a number of

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Monthly Hero Bytes 2

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to the second Monthly Hero Bytes edition of the “The Real” Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Vernon and Greg talk Jumanji, Transformers, Black Panther, Justice League, Adam West, Jackie Chan, and more!  Check it out!

Behind the Line: 10 Strange Phone Designs from the 2000s


These days phones are pretty set in the same form. Whether tablet, phablet, phone, or mini-tablet, all devices have pretty much the same design: one flat surface with a touch screen. However, we should remember all of the variation and

Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Pet Peeves

While Point Streak certainly is pro-gaming, even the Enthusiacs can sometimes be given to bouts of negativity.  Best to get it out of our system in an entire episode devoted to Gaming Pet Peeves.  From dodgy controls to bad checkpoints to

BTL Radio Podcast: E3 2017

Hello Enthusiacs! This week Kynetyk and Baron Fang discuss the news coming out of that wretched hive of hype and marketing: E3. There’s a lot to go over, so we discuss the 5 major food groups: Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony,