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Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Pet Peeves

While Point Streak certainly is pro-gaming, even the Enthusiacs can sometimes be given to bouts of negativity.  Best to get it out of our system in an entire episode devoted to Gaming Pet Peeves.  From dodgy controls to bad checkpoints to

BTL Radio Podcast: E3 2017

Hello Enthusiacs! This week Kynetyk and Baron Fang discuss the news coming out of that wretched hive of hype and marketing: E3. There’s a lot to go over, so we discuss the 5 major food groups: Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony,

Let’s Play: Berserk and the Band of the Hawk


Let’s take a crack at a Dynasty Warriors game! Can the patented Koei Techmo Dynasty Warriors formula work in the grimdark world that is Berserk? Why is the name so weird? Shouldn’t it be Guts and the Band of the

Behind the Line: No Mercy is the best wrestling game ever


WhatCulture had a video of Simon Miller talking about the greatest wrestling game, which is obviously WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64. (Yes, WWF applies since they hadn’t changed the name yet) While I agree with the conclusion, as

Hero Talk Podcast – Wonder Woman

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of the Hero Talk podcast, Judge Greg is joined by special guest WonderWez, noted streamer on Twitch and Mixer, as they discuss the phenomenon that is the superhero masterpiece: Wonder Woman! Warning: Hero Talk

BTL Radio Podcast: Tekken 7 and Headline News

Hello Enthusiacs! Tekken 7 is out and being a big fan, we start off the show discussing that. However there’s also been a lot of news coming out over the past few weeks.  Looks like I picked a hell of

Behind the Line: WWE Network and Analytics


The other day I started watching the WWE network on my phone, and I noticed something curious, it required the location service to be on to feed you any video. WWE Network is a premium video streaming service, though, so

Hero Talk Podcast – Monthly Hero Bytes 1

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to the very first Monthly Hero Bytes edition of the Hero Talk Podcast!  On this episode, Vernon and Greg talk Spider-man and Black Llightning, among other things in a spoiler-free environment.  Enjoy!   Download this episode

The Attic: ‘Tattletail’ Game Review

tattletail review

Welcome to The Attic. Five days before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for Mama… Furbies. Remember them? They are clearly the inspiration for Tattletail, which takes this often annoying toy to new heights in

Hero Talk Podcast – Doctor Strange

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of the Hero Talk podcast, Judge Greg is joined by special guest Nick, of the Gamers Without Borders podcast, as they discuss the Marvel’s magical venture: Doctor Strange! Warning: Hero Talk is a spoiler