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Behind the Line: Google, and “The Mold”


Wow, this has been a crazy story, and really it keeps getting crazier. For those who haven’t been following the Google drama, here’s a quick rundown. For those familiar, you can skip to the next page.   The Rundown Recently

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Flash Season 1

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Axalon as they dive back into the Arrowverse with the Scarlet Speedster in Flash, season 1!   Download this episode (right click

Point Streak Podcast – X-COM

Strategy games have been covered on Point Streak before – today we put the spotlight on one excellent representative of the genre, X-COM.  Sticking primarily with the best received games in the franchise, we discuss all matters related to kicking alien-invader

Adventure Game Roundup

As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the size of my Steam “Stack of Shame”, I’ve been on somewhat of an adventure game binge as of late. This is a genre that I’ve previously cited as central to my early

Injustice 2 Vega Goose Review

After the first Injustice many of us wondered what NetherRealm would do for a sequel. Well now we know and today were taking a closer look at Injustice 2. Story After the events of the first Injustice in which Superman

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Hero Bytes 3

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to Hero Bytes, episode 3, brought to you by the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Vernon and Greg go over the major news and events from San Diego Comicon and D23!   Download this

BTL Radio Podcast – EP 039: Analytics part 2

Hello Enthusiacs. This week we return to the topic of Analytics. Last time in episode 37 we discussed a lot of terms and definitions, technical considerations and so forth. This week we dig more into the effect that this can

Vega Goose Reviews Bound (2015)

Bound (2015) Let’s talk about the Asylum film group. Since 1997 the Asylum has been making what they called mockumentaries. Taking famous films and television shows and making their own versions.  The odds are that you’ve seen one and not

‘Kong: Skull Island’ Movie Review by Dark Princess

kong skull island

When I was a kid, science fiction was a common genre choice for family movies nights. From Them to Godzilla, and Mysterious Island to It Came From Beneath The Sea, these films left a real impact on me. It’s no

Behind the Line: Pokemon Go Festival Troubles


A Pokemon Go Festival, eh? Looks like Gaming has its own version of the Fyre festival, but NOWHERE NEAR that bad. Fair or not, this is a neat little microcosm of what Pokemon Go is in general. The Event Pokemon Go