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Berserk – Philosophy of Griffith, and Fate

by Kynetyk

In the world of Berserk, Griffith is a legendary hero. He is so charismatic and magnetic that great soldiers flock to him. He is the commander who ended the a century long war. His success was so great that even

Hero Talk Podcast – Beowulf (2007)

by Judge Greg
Hero Talk735x479

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of Hero Talk, Judge Greg and Kynetyk explore the 2007 CGI Old English epic: Beowulf (2007)! Reminder: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. Nothing is off the table and everything is fair game. You’ve

Behind the Line: “Best Fan Creation” award

by Kynetyk

Game development can be difficult when stacks of technology all depend on each other, meaning any one element in the chain changes, and it can all topple over. That kind of interdependence can happen outside of the games themselves, too.

Point Streak Podcast: Music & Soundtracks

by Baron Fang

In this edition of Point Streak we look at an important facet of the artistry of games, Music and Soundtracks.  It can make a good game great, add emotional flourishes or even become part of the core gameplay experience.  Does today’s gaming

The Attic: ‘Channel Zero: Candle Cove” Review

by Dark Princess
channel zero candle cove

Welcome to Candle Cove. Channel Zero is the hottest new show on Syfy, and quickly became one of the best shows I’ve watched in years. Each season will focus on a different tale of horror, and the first was Candle

A Look at Advanced Fighting Fantasy – 2nd Edition, The Roleplaying Game

by Baron Fang

Scores of role-playing enthusiasts cut their teeth, like I did, playing the Fighting Fantasy series of gamebooks created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.  Classics such as Deathtrap Dungeon and The Warlock of Firetop Mountain are among the range of

BTL Radio Podcast: Game Development vs Software Development

by Kynetyk

Hello, Enthusiacs!  This week is a mega-episode of Behind the Line Radio where we go further behind more lines than ever before.  Your humble host welcomes an old friend on to talk about the differences between game development and enterprise

The Attic: ‘The Survey’ Spoiler Free Review

by Dark Princess
the survey on steam

Welcome to The Attic, please take our survey. One of the many indie horror games that have arrived on Steam in recent months is The Survey. At first glance it may look like a carbon copy of so many others,

Behind the Line: What’s Alex St. John been up to?

by Kynetyk

I’ve talked about Alex St. John repeatedly already, but I’m someone who likes to follow up on things. I took a look at his blog to see what’s been posted recently.  What I found has re-affirmed my opinion of the

The Attic: Locked Fears

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic.  We’ll be working late tonight. Locked Fears. The title of this indie horror game conjures up such gloriously creepy thoughts and ideas. Is it set in an abandoned asylum? Or a prison? Maybe it’s about the