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BTL Radio Podcast: Steam Customer Support

Hello Enthusiacs! Valve has been making some tweaks to how they present their Steam Customer Support information, so we brought Blake back to discuss the new information Steam is sharing and to put it in context for everyone else. The discussion

BTL Radio Podcast: Goodbye Greenlight, hello Direct

Hello Enthusiacs! Lorenzo returns to discuss the changes coming to Steam Greenlight, namely Steam Direct, and as usual we look at it from an angle that most coverage doesn’t take. After that, we also discuss localization once again, given the

BTL Radio Podcast: GDC Awards and Steam News

Hello Enthusiacs! GDC is around the corner, and with it perhaps the most prestigious game awards show. That’s a low bar, but that’s how I see it. Baron Fang joins us to discuss the Game Developers Choice awards and the

Point Streak Podcast: Early Access

Point Streak, we tackle the subject of Early Access games.  Once a novel option for games development, it is arguably now over-used and prone to abuses.  Is there a way to rein in Early Access or make it feel like

The Attic: ‘The Bunker’ Review

bunker on steam

Welcome to The Attic; remember to stick to the routine. The X-Files PC game that came out in 1998 was the first, and only other, FMV (Full Motion Video) game I had played until The Bunker last week. As a

Nostalgia Fever: Shantae: Half Genie Hero

Shantae Half Genie Hero is a new, highly anticipated game from Wayforward. Starring Shantae the eponymous half-genie heroine, players follow her in her never-ending guardian duties of Scuttle Town against Risky Boots, the four Barons, and many more enemies. The

The Attic: ‘The Survey’ Spoiler Free Review

the survey on steam

Welcome to The Attic, please take our survey. One of the many indie horror games that have arrived on Steam in recent months is The Survey. At first glance it may look like a carbon copy of so many others,

The Attic: Locked Fears

Welcome to The Attic.  We’ll be working late tonight. Locked Fears. The title of this indie horror game conjures up such gloriously creepy thoughts and ideas. Is it set in an abandoned asylum? Or a prison? Maybe it’s about the

Cities: Skylines Review

Hey Enthusiacs, One game that I have adored for a while now is Cities: Skylines, and I thought it was about time that I review it for our site. There are numerous great things about this game, and all of

The Attic: Left Alone Review

Welcome to The Attic, will you save your friends? Left Alone is the latest horror Steam discovery I have made, and I am so glad I gave it a shot. Made by indie developer Volumetric Games, with a team of