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Lindsay Ellis Interview

by VegaGoose

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lindsay Ellis, host of the excellent internet reviews series, Nostalgia Chick and Loose Canon. Without further ado let the interview begin. Goose: Where did the idea for Loose Canon can from? Lindsay:

Enthusiacs Interviews: Connie Jones

by VegaGoose

I recently had the pleasure to have a chat with the owner of the website  Please note that some images contained in this article may be NSFW. Goose: Would you please give a brief description of your site for

Orphan of the Windy Mountains

by Marcus Lawshe'

An Interview with Orphan creator Brandon Goins “Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious

The Attic: Justin Armstrong Interview

by Dark Princess

Welcome to the Attic, interview edition! A little while back I wrote about Ouija Experiment, and how much I loved it. Our amazing duo that handles our twitter account sent out a tweet, and I was pleasantly surprised to see

Earth And Water: Another Talk with Studio Fawn

by Marcus Lawshe'

My Fellow Gamers; As time passes and raw imagination slowly becomes graphical reality, I am reminded of a promise I made myself to someone with whom I’ve enjoyed watching progress her dreams and ideas into pixelated art. But the recent

Meg Elisabeth Smith Interview

by VegaGoose

Recently, I sat down with Meg Elisabeth Smith. For over four years she’s been on YouTube and she is one of the better reviewers you will run into. I’d advise all of you to subscribe to her channel if you

Koobismo Interview: Game Connoisseur

by Black Dragon

For folks who haven’t been to your site, could you describe what it’s all about? It’s been a few things over the past two years, though primarily a publication venue for the Marauder Shields series, an ongoing webcomic offering an

Smudboy Interview: The Analysis Avenger

by Black Dragon

Smudboy isn’t looking for praise, just answers to his questions. His channel is full of videos that simply ask questions, and dole out criticism where criticism is needed. It was great to be the one asking the questions, and there

MPX Graphics Interview: Transform And Roll Out

by Black Dragon

There have been many early mornings where I find myself clicking through Youtube on a video bender. I’ve found a lot of creative content, and it’s actually quite interesting to see channels that I’ve subscribed to evolve over time. Since

Archengeia Interview: The Rumination Don

by Black Dragon

Howdy, Enthusiacs! I found myself lost in Youtube, but alas! A wild Archengeia appeared! I tried to charge my Solar Beam, but he incapacitated me with a Tail Whip and ran off. In all seriousness, Archengeia was open to speaking