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Interview – Cheryl Cottrell-Smith, Community Manager, The Station

Hey there, Enthusiacs. I recently had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Cheryl Cottrell-Smith, the community manager for The Station. This game immediately caught my attention for its atmospheric setting and stunning environment, and I was more than happy to have

Let’s Play – Mass Effect: Andromeda – Insane Difficulty


After trudging through all three Mass Effect games in preparation, the day is finally upon us. The arrival of the fourth installment in the Mass Effect franchise, Andromeda, is here and as is tradition we start off this blind playthrough

Behind the Line: Localizing Controls, why is the back button different on the Switch?


It’s a short shot this week. Yours truly has been crazy busy with work, but in the hazy blur of activity I noticed this.   And it reminded me of a topic I’ve spoken of before. Yes, here we have

Point Streak Podcast: Mass Effect Andromeda Preview

On this installment of Point Streak, we delve into a new entry of a series special to all of us here, Mass Effect.  With emotions still running high from the last trilogy, what are our expectations, hopes and concerns for ME: Andromeda: an adventure

The PS4 Needs Backwards Compatibility

Before we get started, let me be clear that I like my Playstation 4.  The controller is a marked improvement over the previous three iterations of the Dualshock design, it’s compact and quiet compared to the Xbox One, and while

BTL Radio Podcast: GDC Aftermath and Nintendo Switch

Hello Enthusiacs! GDC 2017 is in the books, so this week we welcome engineer Damon joins Baron Fang and yours truly to discuss what the professionals get out of GDC, why we have it, and some more about what goes

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review – My Disappointment

horizon zero dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most widely-revered and adored games I have seen come out in recent years. Ahead of its release, copies that had been sent out for review were being praised left and right, and with

BTL Radio Podcast: Managing Personality as a Product, and JonTron

Hello Everyone. Recently some Youtube drama came alongside video games when game youtuber JonTron had a politcally charged debate with fellow youtuber Destiny. This week on BTL Radio, we aren’t discussing the politics at play here, but rather how to

Behind the Line: Berserk, and the challenge of adaptation


If you hadn’t noticed, I’m a fan of Berserk. The game Berserk: The Band of the Hawk is finally out to overwhelming reviews of “… yeah, it’s OK”. This is not the first, or even the second Berserk game, though. 

A Look at ‘ Jones in the Fast Lane ’

As my previous article discussed, Sierra On-Line was, during the mid 80’s through mid-90’s, best known for its lines of graphical adventure games.  While adventure titles were certainly their bread and butter, they nonetheless published and developed a variety of games