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Hero Talk Podcast – Batman: The Movie (1966)

Holy Hero Talk, Enthusiacs! On this episode, Judge Greg and Axalon switch atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, and roll out to 1966’s Batman: The Movie! Reminder: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. Nothing is off the table and

Batman: A Telltale Series – Episode 1

Batman: The Telltale Series has released with its first episode! If you missed the live streaming of the episode, you can still watch the full thing here! Batman: The Telltale Series is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed

Hero Talk Podcast – Batman v Superman Spoiler Free

Hey There, Enthusiacs. On this special companion episode of Hero Talk, Judge Greg is joined by Axalon as they have a SPOILER FREE discussion of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! See also: Hero Talk – Batman v Superman: Dawn

Hero Talk Podcast – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hey There, Enthusiacs. On this supersized episode of Hero Talk, Judge Greg is joined by Axalon, the Black Dragon, and Goose as they take on DC’s summer epic showdown: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! Reminder: Hero Talk is a

Hero Talk Podcast – DC Comics Movie Speculation

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of Hero Talk, Tony and Goose join me, Judge Greg, as we wildly speculate on the upcoming DC Comics movies for 2016: Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad. powered by podcast garden The link

Batman: Arkham Knight Playthrough

Axalon tackles the final chapter in Rocksteady’s Batman trilogy, Arkham Knight. After a troubled PC launch the game has been fine-tuned as much as possible on our end barring more patches from Rocksteady, so here we go! Scarecrow has unleashed panic

Top 5 NES Soundtracks

I hardly need explain to any gamer of a certain age or in possession of knowledge of gaming history how important the Nintendo Entertainment System was.  The undisputed king of the 8-bit era was a first console for many and

Point Streak Podcast: Arkham

Welcome to our very own (albeit temporary) bat channel as Point Streak goes Gotham!  With the imminent release of Batman: Arkham Knight it was long overdue for an Enthusiacs take on the Arkham series as a whole.  Join Baron Fang, Judge Greg and

Season Pass Revisit

The Black Dragon revisits his previous points about season passes in the wake of Warner Bros. recent detail dump on the $40 season pass for Batman: Arkham Knight. Does this announcement change anything?  

Why So Serious? The Batgirl/Joker Controversy

Joker Causes Mass Hysteria! This article represents the opinion of the author, and does not necessarily represent the opinion of as a whole, or of the other contributors to this site. Disclaimer: Some gruesome images are contained within this