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The Attic: ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ Review – Minor Spoilers!

by Dark Princess
resident evil 7

Welcome to The Attic, and a brand new family. I don’t want to spoil too much about this game, but there will be some minor ones about locations, a couple creepy parts, and the enemies you face, so keep that

BTL Radio Podcast: The Last Guardian

by Kynetyk

Hello Enthusiacs! At long, long, long last, The Last Guardian has been released. I have made no secret that I have been looking forward to this one, and this week I have invited a colleague who is also a fan

The Attic: ‘The Boy’ Film Review

by Dark Princess
boy film review 2016

Welcome to The Attic, remember the rules! The Boy is a film that was released about a year ago, in early 2016, and ever since I first saw the trailer I knew this was one I really wanted to see.

The Attic: ‘The Last of Us’ Review – Spoilers!

by Dark Princess
last of us ps4

Welcome to The Attic… why are all the pages stuck together? The Last of Us was one of the biggest reasons I had decided to buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox One. Sure, there are many other games like

The Attic: ‘Krampus’ Review – Spoilers!

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, let’s get festive! If you’re a fan of the horror genre like I am than you have undoubtedly noticed the severe lack of decent “scary” movies set around Christmas. So far, the only one I have

The Attic: Left Alone Review

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, will you save your friends? Left Alone is the latest horror Steam discovery I have made, and I am so glad I gave it a shot. Made by indie developer Volumetric Games, with a team of

The Attic: Resident Evil VII Demo Update

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, and welcome back to the family. Recently we were treated to not only a new trailer for Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil VII, but also news of an update to the demo that has been making waves

The Attic: Layers of Fear DLC ‘Inheritance’ Review

by Dark Princess

Welcome to The Attic, let’s paint another picture… Last week, I posted a review of the fantastic horror game Layers of Fear. Now, after having finished the first DLC release, Inheritance, I wanted to let you all know how it

Subnautica – Updated!

by Dark Princess

Hey there Enthusiacs! About a year ago I wrote about a game in early access on Steam called Subnautica. I raved about it. I went on about how it was gorgeous and fun and a great survival “sandbox” (pun intended).

Prison Architect – Review by Dark Princess

by Dark Princess

Hello Enthusiacs! I unfortunately spent the last week laid out on the couch. A bug had bitten the Dark Princess and she did not enjoy it. There’s nothing worse than being sick in the summer! However, I tried to look