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‘Kong: Skull Island’ Movie Review by Dark Princess

Kong: Skull Island
When I was a kid, science fiction was a common genre choice for family movies nights. From Them to Godzilla, and Mysterious Island to It Came From Beneath The Sea, these films left a real impact on me. It’s no secret among the other Enthusiacs that Godzilla is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time. Mysterious Island really stood out to me as well because I loved the idea of an island far out in the ocean housing giant, undiscovered creatures. It’s incredibly fun to suspend disbelief for a while and envision what that kind of discovery would be like.

Surprisingly, I’ve never seen the original King Kong movie. I suppose that is because my father generally stuck with the science fiction titles of the 1950s. He held so many of those dear because he grew up with them, and in turn, so did I. While I had always been familiar with him, my first real experience with Kong was in the mid 2000s in Peter Jackson’s remake. I fell in love with that film and watched it many times over. I loved the adventure of it all, and experiencing both the fear of Kong, but also the gentle side of this giant. When I heard that Kong and Godzilla were going to go head-to-head, I freaked out. Before that, we would get a fresh introduction in Kong: Skull Island, set in the early 1970s.

Bigger and badder, Kong takes your breath away every second he is on screen. Of course, he has to be bigger this time around if he is going to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla. I don’t think I stopped smiling the entire movie, and it truly reignited a mostly dormant love for a genre for many years now.

kong skull island

The soundtrack was absolutely amazing; packed with some of my favorite classic rock songs of all time. Against the rock music were many stunning shots that I continued to marvel over. I am not one to make note of a cinematographer’s work very often, but wow Larry Fong did a phenomenal job with Skull Island. Of course he is no stranger to blockbuster films, with credits such as Batman V. Superman, Super 8, 300, and Watchmen. I found myself wishing I could screen-cap many scenes in this movie so that I could print them and hang them on my office wall. His work is absolutely stunning.

The cast was unsurprisingly fantastic, thanks to big names like Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston, and one of my very favorites: John Goodman. I adore Goodman, and he recently blew me away with his role in 10 Cloverfield Lane. He doesn’t disappoint here either, portraying a researcher who is desperate to prove that monsters really do exist. Jackson plays Lieutenant Colonel Packard, in charge of a group of soldiers to help escort the researchers and photographer. (Listen closely as he utters a familiar phrase in the helicopter). Hiddleston is James Conrad, the tracker that they hire to help guide them while they map this previously uncharted island.

kong skull island cast

As you can already guess, things don’t go as planned. Between the classic rock music and the Vietnam War soldiers, at times there are shots that feel more like a war film than one about King Kong. I really liked that touch though, because it gave it a unique angle. Watching these soldiers that survived the war fighting yet again for their lives in the most unexpected way gave it more emotion for me. After watching his men die one-by-one, Packard becomes obsessed with seeking vengeance and doing anything it takes to take Kong down.

However, it doesn’t take long for some of the survivors to see that Kong isn’t simply a killer monster that needs to be destroyed. He actually protects the people by fighting against the even more terrifying creatures among Skull Island. These additional monsters were a pleasant surprise, and I felt like I was seven years-old again; watching Mysterious Island with wide eyes.

While not completely innocent, it remains, however, that above all else, Kong is protecting his home. In the end, you can probably guess what happens but I won’t spoil anything. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie as soon as you can. I absolutely loved Kong: Skull Island, and I am now even more excited for the other films in this MonsterVerse. If they continue to hold up to this standard, I say keep ‘em coming, Hollywood.


The Good: Kong is bigger and tougher, yet retains his good quality. Solid story with a killer soundtrack.

The Bad: The ending felt cut off, but the scenes during and after the credits set future movies up, so don’t miss them!

Dark Princess

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