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The Real Hero Talk Podcast: Mortal Kombat (film)

Hey there, Enthusiacs! We are finally back with the Real Hero Talk podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Tony from No Time for Time Travel as they take on 1995’s Action Adventure movie adaption of the video game:

Let’s Play…Hunted: The Demon’s Forge


This time around let’s play Hunted: The Demon’s Forge! Let’s take a quick break away from all the science fiction stuff lately with Star Wars and StarCraft and Assassin’s Creed! Instead, how about a nice fantasy dungeon crawler with our

Behind the Line: Ctrl-Alt-GDC 2018


Ctrl-Alt-GDC is possibly my favorite part of GDC. While there may be more interesting or newsworthy displays here or there, Ctrl-Alt-GDC is always reliably presenting unique ideas that demonstrate new ideas for how people can interact with electronic media. I

BTL Radio Podcast – Ep 049: Extra Credits talks QA

Hello Enthusiacs! I wrote about the Extra Credits QA video already, but I felt there was more to discuss, and that the topic lent itself more to a discussion format than an article anyway. With that in mind, I got

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed


The Force has awakened, but let’s go back to a time when it was much more than awake, when it was UNLEASHED! This is the story of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice Starkiller, as he sets off on a journey to

Behind the Line: Extra Credits Talks QA


Yay, Extra Credits finally talked about QA! I’d been looking forward to this for years. Now that I’ve seen it I’m… it’s there. It’s fine. Boy, this took me a while to get to… *checks* Over a month!? Damn… Well,

The Real Hero Talk Podcast: Assassin’s Creed (film)

Hey there, Enthusiacs! We are finally back with the Real Hero Talk podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by his Gamers Without Borders co-host, Nick Jenkins, as they explore the world of Templars, Assassins, and “history” in 2016’s

Dragon Ball FighterZ Online Matches!


Dragon Ball FighterZ is here and you know what? Who needs a story mode? I’ve decided that I’m going to just jump right into the multiplayer of this game, which looks like a better version of the latest Marvel vs.

Killer7 – Kynetyk and VegaGoose play, and try to figure out

Hello Enthusiacs. Killer7 is a game that has been a splinter in my mind for many years. A plot that is too well structured to be random, but too bizarre to follow with ease. If Spec Ops: The Line is

Let’s Play…Assassin’s Creed: Origins


Assassin’s Creed is back with a vengeance with the latest installment in the series, Assassin’s Creed: Origins. As is tradition, Bayek of Siwa is living a happy life minding his own business when tragedy strikes him and his family. Bayek