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A Look at ‘ Jones in the Fast Lane ’

by Baron Fang

As my previous article discussed, Sierra On-Line was, during the mid 80’s through mid-90’s, best known for its lines of graphical adventure games.  While adventure titles were certainly their bread and butter, they nonetheless published and developed a variety of games

Hero Talk Podcast – Stranger Things

by Judge Greg

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of the Hero Talk podcast, Hero Talk veterans Judge Greg and Kynetyk are joined by newcomer Sixty as they go to the Upside Down and explore Netflix’s science fiction thriller: Stranger Things. Warning: Hero

BTL Radio Podcast: GDC Awards and Steam News

by Kynetyk

Hello Enthusiacs! GDC is around the corner, and with it perhaps the most prestigious game awards show. That’s a low bar, but that’s how I see it. Baron Fang joins us to discuss the Game Developers Choice awards and the

Berserk: 1997 Anime Series review

by Kynetyk

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk comes out in less than 2 weeks, so let’s talk about the grand-daddy of Berserk on video, the 1997 anime. A 25 episode series that spans the opening of the story to the Eclipse.

Point Streak Podcast: Early Access

by Baron Fang

Point Streak, we tackle the subject of Early Access games.  Once a novel option for games development, it is arguably now over-used and prone to abuses.  Is there a way to rein in Early Access or make it feel like

Behind the Line: VR Roundup 2016

by Kynetyk

2016, the year the public finally started to experience VR en masse.   VR, the great experiment, saddled with great expectations This year, we greeted VR with enthusiasm and joy. One of the promises of the future was finally coming

The Attic: 2016 Horror Game of the Year

by Dark Princess
2016 attic game of the year

Welcome to The Attic, and our first annual Horror Game of the Year edition! Recently as I sat playing Resident Evil 7, I found myself thinking that I’m already pretty certain this is going to be my favorite horror game

Sierra and the Golden Age of Adventure Games

by Baron Fang

There is probably no more important name responsible for shaping my history as a PC gamer than that of “Sierra”.  Decades before it was a mere division of Activision, “Sierra On-Line” was founded as On-Line Systems, the company responsible for

BTL Radio Podcast: Apocalypse Now and GDC Survey

by Kynetyk

Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have a pair of guests, and a pair of topics, making this behind the line squared! If that joke wasn’t too lame for you, there’s another lame one in the show that you can’t miss.

Hero Talk Podcast Minisode – Superbowl Edition

by Judge Greg

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this mini episode of the Hero Talk podcast, Judge Greg and Black Dragon talk the Superbowl, including the games, trailers, and anything else that comes to mind. Warning: This Hero Talk may contain mild spoilers. Listener