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Point Streak Podcast – Personal Top 5 Games All-Time

Despite the fact the Internet is already drowning in lists, Point Streak dives in this week with lists of our own – our personal top 5 games of all-time.  PC, console, handhelds, old-school, modern, no restrictions, no judgments (well, almost).  What games

At The Movies: ‘Mean Girls’ Day

Longtime followers of the Enthusiacs podcast institution that is Hero Talk will know that host Judge Greg is fond of pointing out that “everyone” listens to Hero Talk.  Skeptics may doubt if available metrics can back up such a bold statement. 

Point Streak Podcast: Warframe

Point Streak returns to the topic of a specific game, this week a notable example of the free-to-play genre, Warframe.  What makes it unique?  Is its success due to it difficulty in being precisely categorized among other online games?  Is

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – I Never Asked For This

Deus Ex

With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on the horizon we return to the game that first gave us our Robocop inspired protagonist, Adam Jensen, as he uncovers a web of secrecy, lies and greed with global stakes while also fulfilling his

Point Streak Podcast: Gaming Grab Bag

Point Streak, episode 50 has arrived – thank you to our listeners for sticking with us!  As no single gaming topic seemed to deserve the honour of sole possession of this golden podcasting anniversary, we decided to do a range of current subjects. 

Hero Talk Podcast – Deadpool

Hey There, Enthusiacs. On this episode of Hero Talk, Judge Greg is joined by an all-star cast of Baron Fang, Dark Princess, Brian, and Goose as they talk about the Merc with a Mouth in Fox’s Rated R superhero blockbuster:

Point Streak Podcast: GameTrailers

Point Streak can’t resist the pull of the headlines, and the demise of GameTrailers inspires a discussion on the state of gaming media.  How do you survive making video content in the age of YouTube?  Is there a place for specialty

Point Streak Podcast: Episodic Content

Point Streak returns with a single episode on a topic that seems ever ongoing – Episodic Content.  Novels and TV shows routinely work when broken into chapters, but what about games?  Are episodes a legit format or just a way to sell games in pieces? 

Point Streak Podcast: Collectibles

Enjoy this shiny, new Point Streak, dear listener.  This time the topic is gaming merchandise and Collectibles.  As gaming grows ever more popular, there are ever more varied ways to spend your money and show your fandom.  Jeff, Goose, Jen

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo’s Future

Welcome listeners to another Point Streak.  This episode is devoted to discussion and speculation on the direction Nintendo will head next.  What is the NX?  Is the WiiU headed for an early grave?  And what of all the mobile development talk?  Jeff, Nick and Vernon