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Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reveal

by Baron Fang

Point Streak on a fresh topic, the very recent Nintendo Switch reveal!  New details like a March 3rd, 2017 launch date have been confirmed, Legend of Zelda and Mario are both on the horizon.  But questions like online play, hardware specs and the digital/portable

Behind the Line: Nintendo Switch Reveal

by Kynetyk

The gaming is abuzz about the Nintendo Switch reveal, and rightfully so. It’s a new console, not one of these half upgrades that Microsoft and Sony have done. It’s also Nintendo, and anything Nintendo does commands attention. Sure, their fortunes

Point Streak Podcast: Cross-Platform Play

by Baron Fang

Point Streak starts 2017 with a bang as we delve into the subject of Cross-Platform Play.  The technical barriers are being broken down gradually, but what other attitudes, fears and corporate dithering blocks the way yet?  Do some games and

Nintendo Switch: My Wants Vs. My Expectations

by Black Dragon

With Nintendo’s live event a little less than a day away, everyone tuning in will most likely be looking for more chunks of information about the Nintendo Switch. Since last October, anyone who saw and was intrigued by the Nintendo

BTL Radio Podcast: Super Mario Run

by Kynetyk

Hello, Enthusiacs! 2016 is in the books, and in the turn of the new year, the impossible has happened, something we never thought we’d see, Mario has come to mobile! Yes, Super Mario Run is out, with a marketing push

Let’s Play: Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke!

by Axalon

What better way to enjoy the holidays than to sit down and watch a Let’s Play where if the Pokemon faint…they die! That’s what a Nuzlocke run is all about! So join us as we take our first step into

Point Streak Podcast: 2017 Gaming Preview

by Baron Fang

What a better way to end 2016 with a Point Streak about…2017 – specifically, games slated for release that year.  This year is almost in the can, what gaming goodies can we expect (realistically) in the next trip around the

Behind the Line: “Best Fan Creation” award

by Kynetyk

Game development can be difficult when stacks of technology all depend on each other, meaning any one element in the chain changes, and it can all topple over. That kind of interdependence can happen outside of the games themselves, too.

BTL Radio Podcast: VR Discussion and News

by Kynetyk

Hello Enthusiacs! This week we have Marco back to discuss a few smaller news stories, and to discuss the possibilities for VR in the future. From managing communities and marketing, to the evolution of the nature of the industry over

Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reactions

by Baron Fang

Point Streak this week turns to a trending topic, the recent reveal of the Nintendo Switch – soon to be released to market in Q1 2017.  Following up on our NX discussion earlier this year, we talk about what has been