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Point Streak Podcast – Half-Life

Point Streak goes topical, again.  Recent events have compelled discussion on the subject of Half-Life: both the series itself and the unfortunate, endless purgatory it now dwells in.  Arguably one of the most influential first-person-shooters of all time, Half-Life, its

BTL Radio Podcast – Ep 041: Games as a Service

Hello Enthusiastics! This week we whole David to Behind the Line Radio to discuss where games as a service came from. David discusses the infrastructure that online games need to have in place and need to maintain to work. So,

The Real Hero Talk Podcast: Hero Bytes Ep. 4

Hey there, Enthusiacs! It’s your monthly pop news update on The Real Hero Talk podcast with Hero Bytes, episode 4.  On this episode, Vernon and Greg get into updates on Batman, critique James Cameron and Joss Whedon, and talk the

BTL Radio Podcast – EP Ep 040: Eclipse Adventure, and NEWS

Hello Enthusiacs! After an unintended hiatus, Behind the Line Radio is back! Kynetyk details his adventure to see there solar eclipse in totality, and then he and Baron Fang discuss recent headlines including a piece from Polygon about crunch that

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Super Mario Bros. (film)

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by special guest Mike, from the Video Game Generations podcast, as they take on the legendary Super Mario Bros. film!  Enjoy (if you

Point Streak Podcast – Sex in Gaming

Point Streak can avoid the topic of Sex no longer.  Gamers are almost nonchalant about violence, but sexual content can still predictably raise eyebrows and stoke up controversy.  Whether included purely for titillation or to achieve some arbitrary level of maturity,

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Flash Season 1

Hey there, Enthusiacs, welcome to the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Judge Greg is joined by Axalon as they dive back into the Arrowverse with the Scarlet Speedster in Flash, season 1!   Download this episode (right click

Point Streak Podcast – X-COM

Strategy games have been covered on Point Streak before – today we put the spotlight on one excellent representative of the genre, X-COM.  Sticking primarily with the best received games in the franchise, we discuss all matters related to kicking alien-invader

The Real Hero Talk Podcast – Hero Bytes 3

Hey there, Enthusiacs! Welcome to Hero Bytes, episode 3, brought to you by the Real Hero Talk Podcast! On this episode, Vernon and Greg go over the major news and events from San Diego Comicon and D23!   Download this

BTL Radio Podcast – EP 039: Analytics part 2

Hello Enthusiacs. This week we return to the topic of Analytics. Last time in episode 37 we discussed a lot of terms and definitions, technical considerations and so forth. This week we dig more into the effect that this can