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Point Streak Podcast: Nintendo Switch Reveal

Point Streak on a fresh topic, the very recent Nintendo Switch reveal!  New details like a March 3rd, 2017 launch date have been confirmed, Legend of Zelda and Mario are both on the horizon.  But questions like online play, hardware specs and the digital/portable

Point Streak Podcast: Cross-Platform Play

Point Streak starts 2017 with a bang as we delve into the subject of Cross-Platform Play.  The technical barriers are being broken down gradually, but what other attitudes, fears and corporate dithering blocks the way yet?  Do some games and

BTL Radio Podcast: Super Mario Run

Hello, Enthusiacs! 2016 is in the books, and in the turn of the new year, the impossible has happened, something we never thought we’d see, Mario has come to mobile! Yes, Super Mario Run is out, with a marketing push

Hero Talk Podcast Minisode – Star Wars: Rogue One

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this mini episode of the Hero Talk podcast, we will listen in briefly to a conversation in progress between Judge Greg, Baron Fang, Dark Princess, and Goose, as they discuss the latest Star Wars movie: Rogue

A Very Hero Talk Christmas Podcast

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode, Judge Greg, Vernon, and Axalon celebrate the holidays with A Very Hero Talk Christmas: a surprising bleak look at our favorite holiday movies. NOTE:  Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. This episode will contain

Point Streak Podcast: 2017 Gaming Preview

What a better way to end 2016 with a Point Streak about…2017 – specifically, games slated for release that year.  This year is almost in the can, what gaming goodies can we expect (realistically) in the next trip around the

BTL Radio Podcast: Third Party QA

Hello, Enthusiacs! Our guest this week is Stephen, who works at a third party QA agency. These are the people who assist developers, and even publishers, specifically with testing. If you can imagine outsourcing for QA, it’s a bit like

Hero Talk Podcast – Beowulf (2007)

Hey there, Enthusiacs! On this episode of Hero Talk, Judge Greg and Kynetyk explore the 2007 CGI Old English epic: Beowulf (2007)! Reminder: Hero Talk is a spoiler podcast. Nothing is off the table and everything is fair game. You’ve

Point Streak Podcast: Music & Soundtracks

In this edition of Point Streak we look at an important facet of the artistry of games, Music and Soundtracks.  It can make a good game great, add emotional flourishes or even become part of the core gameplay experience.  Does today’s gaming

BTL Radio Podcast: Game Development vs Software Development

Hello, Enthusiacs!  This week is a mega-episode of Behind the Line Radio where we go further behind more lines than ever before.  Your humble host welcomes an old friend on to talk about the differences between game development and enterprise